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List of Dubai Malls :

The Dubai Mall


Dubai Malls But before talk about it let me told you about records the highest number of visitors who comes to Dubai.

It is also a leisure destination which attracted over 65 million visitors


in the year 2012.

It is located in Downtown Burj Dubai and has a total of 1200 stores.

The mall lies on 3.77 million square feet with a retail floor area of 12.1 million square feet.


Mall of the Emirates


mall of emirates dubai is located in Al-Barsha and has up to 520 stores.

The entire mall is 6.5 million square feet.

Buurjumman is located in Bur and has a total of 300 stores.

City Center Deira is also a mall located in Deira and has a total of 340 stores.

It lay on 1.3 million square Feet and was opened on 27th of August 1995.

Festival City Mall is another one of the top Dubai Malls , and it is located in Dubai’s Festival City.

The list of Dubai shopping Malls includes:

  • Ibn Battuta Mall
  • Mercato shopping mall
  • Dragon Mart
  • Wafi Mall
  • Century Mall
  • Dubai Marina Mall
  • Al Ghurair City
  • Grand shopping
  • Times Square Center
  • and Arabian Center among many others.
  • Dragon Mart has around 3,950 stores!

Apart from the list of malls named above,

there is a whole list of other shopping malls still under construction.

Some of them include;

Grand City Mall Jebel, Mall of Arabia, SM City Mall Dubai, Nakheel Mall,

Palm Mall, India Mart, great Dubai mall, and SouqExtra among others.

What is the Best malls in Dubai ?

best shopping in Dubai Malls


best shopping malls in Dubai for all your shopping needs, Dubai is the place to be.

You are guaranteed to do your shopping in a serene, and most relaxed and luxurious environment.

With all the stores available at your disposal, you are sure that all your shopping needs

will be well taken care of.

The best shopping malls have been mentioned above in the list of malls in Dubai.

However, some malls like The Dubai shopping mall are worth a second mention.

The Dubai Mall  It is number 18 in the biggest mall in the world

The DUBAI MALL the largest one in Dubai Malls

This is the world’s largest shopping mall in the total area along with West Edmonton Mall in Canada.

the part of a Downtown complex which is a multi-million dollar complex.

It is number 18 in the world’s largest malls regarding the gross leasable area.

hosted over 37 million visitors from all over the world in 2009 and hosts at least 750,000 visitors every week. The first five days after it was opened more than 61,000 tickets were sold.

In 2012, it still held the title of the world’s most visited mall and leisure destination.

This was supported by a 20% rise in the number of visitors;

from 54 million in 2011 to 65 million in 2013.

These figures surpass those of some of the world’s most famous landmarks

like the Niagara Falls with 22.5 million;

Times Square had 39.2 million and Central Park with 38 million visitors.

The Dubai Mall has a 250-room luxurious hotel, 120 restaurants , cafes and 22 cinema screens.

It includes three car parks which can hold up to 14,000 vehicles.

The Dubai Aquarium and the underwater zoo is a site to behold.

It provides a collection of 300 species of marine life, and it brings the ocean floor into life.

It also has rays and sharks.

The aquarium has a specialized lunar-cyclic system of lighting which changes the ambiance of the tank throughout the day.

The tunnel offers a closer touch with the marine environment.

The underwater zoo is located just beneath the aquarium, and it consists of three ecological zones of life.

It includes different kinds of species like penguins, crocodiles, piranhas, and jellyfish among others.

Other attractions of the mall include the Dubai ice rink which hosts a couple of international standard ice skating competitions.

KidZania is an edutainment spot which combines entertainment with learning.

The SEGA Republic is an indoor theme park which offers a broad range of amusement games.

Reel Cinemas takes movies to a whole new level.

They have a 22 screen cinema, and the seats are made with ample leg room for maximum comfort.

The rainforest café is built facing the aquarium to provide a scene that can only be found in the Dubai Mall.

It has over 1200 shops and among them is the world’s largest candy store as of October 2009.

Dubai shopping festival dates and offers


Dubai shopping festival is just one more reason for you to visit Dubai.

It is a shopping extravaganza held every year between December and January.

The next shopping festival will start on 26th December 2016 and end on 28th January 2017.

The shopping festival includes live performances from artists and jugglers.

Large discounts and freebies are given out during this festival which always starts with amazing fireworks on the first day.

Tour packages are also included in the Dubai shopping festival kitty.

Cheap shopping in Dubai Malls

Cheap shopping

When you plan to go to Dubai, don’t miss out on the offers and discounts available during the Dubai shopping festival.

This gives you the option of cheap shopping while being entertained by street performers like magicians.

It is among the world’s most favorite shopping spots.

Shopping in Dubai is an experience you cannot afford to miss out.

The Dubai Mall offers a wide range of options to choose from

, and you need not worry about your kids getting bored because the KidZania will take good care of their needs to ensure that outside having fun, they also learn a few things.



The Dubai Malls market diversity feature such as popular market ,

The Murshid of the oldest and most popular market in Dubai has the single market ,goods wholesale, clause market of all types of cargo and all States,

it contains the gold market which is the first destination to shop and joy.
Murshid market is located in the Head region,

despite the excellence cheap prices, but it contains all goods and high fashion.
Chinese Dragon Market combines price, variety and quality in the world of marketing ,consider in Dubai a major shopping lovers to fit on Chinese goods exclusively,

at the cheapest price possible and take advantage of it in finishing and processing houses ,gardens , personal and families goods and gifts , and is one of the most prominent market cheap in Dubai.

Restaurants and stores In Dubai Malls


With over 92 million visitors coming to Dubai mall, it’s hard to ignore the services and products being sold there.

It boasts of a record 1200 stores offering different kinds of services and products.

These stores are usually grouped into different categories, depending on the type of services being offered. There are entertainment stores,

places where visitors can go to dine, hotels to spend a night, and different kinds of shops.

Under entertainment, there is the Dubai Fountain, KidZania, Sega Republic, Dubai Ice Rink, Reel Cinemas, Dubai Dino, Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, the Emirates A380 Experience and at the top Burj Khalifa.

The Dubai Fountain offers a magnificent site to see.

The performance by rising fount of waters which rises to a height of 140 meters creates a beautiful scenery which is accompanied by a synced lights and music.

As for KidZania, it offers a heavenly experience to kids.

With great adventure provided by a tiny sized city, children are offered with a great platform where they learn while playing.

Therefore children visiting this place will not only have fun but also be able to polish their social skills.

The Sega Republic brings digital world into a reality.

It offers an unimaginable form of entertainment to both kids and adults.

Visitors get to be entertained by different kinds of Sega products ranging from arcades and computer games to exciting rides.

When it comes to ice skating and gliding, one can visit the Dubai Ice Rink.

It offers an experience of skating on the ice despite one’s age and skill level.

For beginners, they are introduced with a beginner’s sessions where they get to learn how to ice skate.

One can enjoy with family and friends by freestyling or joining an evening disco.

Real Cinemas, on the other hand, ensures movie lovers gets their share of entertainment.

With THX-certified speakers and 22 screens showing a different kind of films, the entertainment offer is top-notch.

Burj Khalifa offers a spectacular 360 degrees view of Dubai at the top of the world’s tallest building.

One gets to see different sites and architectural designs without having to move around the city.

The Dubai aquarium and underwater zoo offer an incredible insight into marine life.

For lovers of Jurassic period, Dubai Dino is the place to be.

It offers a rare opportunity of being transported back in time

where one get to meet a dinosaur dating back to 155 million years ago.

Hence one gets to experience how life was in the past.

Finally, in the entertainment category, one gets a chance to fly in the largest commercial airplane (the emirate A380).

A flight simulator meant to create a feeling of flying in a real plane.

Under dining places, one gets to make a choice based on the type of cuisine he or she is interested in.

With over 200 eateries offering mouth watering delicacies one can easily get confused when making a decision on what to take( All of them coming in an affordable package).

The highlighted directories (Angelina, Le Ten, and five guys) offers a broad range of modern dining that includes Asian, Italian, Greek and fast foods.

The Dubai malls map


The Dubai mall consists of a lower ground floor, and three other floors.

The lower ground has the toy store, management office, and the super care pharmacy among others.

The ground floor contains the, the candy store, the Dubai ice rink and the Rainforest café among others.

The first floor houses Marks & Spencer, New Yorker and the Paris gallery among others.

The second floor has the food court, the Dubai aquarium and underwater zoo, Stadium Sports and E City among others.

Download Dubai mall map image HQ

Dubai mall map

Opening hours for all Dubai Malls

The Dubai mall and most of Dubai Malls is usually opened from 10 am up to midnight.

However, most traffic is commonly registered from 5 pm to 6 pm. It remains opened on the aforementioned time throughout the week.

The Marina Mall

The Marina Mall

A Marina Mall is based in Abu Dhabi. It offers different kinds of products and entertainment to its visitors.

You can found in along the breakwater on Corniche road, it is considered to be one of

the biggest malls in Abu Dhabi.

opened in March 2001 and from then it has been providing services and products to clients.

In it, numerous restaurant and stores are selling a wide range of designer’s products.

IT’S like Dubai mall, services offered at the Marina Mall can be categorized into three groups that are entertainment, dining services, and shop services.

With several entertainment parlors, it is arguably one of the best in Abu Dhabi regarding entertainment.

Fun activities are suitable for both adult and children.

Therefore, a family can pay a visit to this place. With a bowling village, games such as tennis, video games, shooting games, and many other, one cannot lack something to keep himself entertained.

Typically, most of the entertainment places remain open from 10 am to 10 pm on Saturday to Wednesday and from 10 am – 12 pm on Thursdays and Fridays.

There are different dining places categories into cafes, food court, restaurant, specialty food, and loyalty.

All offering fantastic services when it comes to food.

For someone visiting with a family, it is not hard to spot a restaurant that can serve them with a delicious meal.

For friends or an individual dropping by for some snacks or a cup of coffee,

it is easier to find an ideal venue.

It also contains over 400 shops selling different kinds of services and products.

The categories include ladies fashion, men fashion, children fashion, unisex fashion, lingerie, perfumes and cosmetics, shoes and bags, jewelry/watches/accessories, optics, and sunglasses, sporting goods, toys and children interests, art, antiques, books, cards, carpets and banks and financial services.


This mall not only offers service to the people leaving in the Emirates but also acts as a major tourist’s attraction due to some of their amazing services.

The Dubai Mall leads with the largest aquarium and an underground zoo.

It also contains one of the best cinema theaters in the world.

On the other hand, the marina mall rivals the Dubai

by having stores that offer competitive services such as halls that have

nine screens multiplex cinema with a great test of entertainment.


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