Dubai Parks & Resorts first integrated tourist resort in the region.

Where it will be home to three world water parks and one city, in addition to Reverland Dubai, entrance to the grand arena and resort family.

The Lapita Hotel in Dubai Parks

This is a destination where you can taste superlative luxury and best-of-class hospitality.

This will be the perfect accommodation to spend your stay in Dubai in impeccable luxury and relish the warm company of your family members that will strengthen the bonding between the members of your family.

This hotel serves the widest options on cuisines that include the indigenous culinary of the Middle East.

In the opinion of the individuals who have already boarded here has got a team of dedicated staffs who take great pleasure in entertaining and assisting the guests.

Boarding in this hotel, you will get treated in a style that will make you feel valued and respected.

The LEGO LAND Aquatic Park in Dubai Parks

 this is the only aquatic park in UAE that has been designed for kids in the age group between 2 and 12 years.

If your team includes a kid in this age group, this will be a great place for them to relish the vacation.

This aquatic park is unique as it offers you the chances for building your personalized LEGO Raft.In addition, you will get more than 20 aquatic attractions and slides that will keep you engaged.

Visiting this park is an inevitable schedule for the flocks visiting Dubai.

It is especially significant to state that even if this park is primary meant for kids, it offers equal enjoyment for their adult companions as well.

The major activities in this park include aquatic adventures, interactive slides, water rides, as well as model building.

This aquatic park is one of the prime components of the Dubai parks and resorts.

The park authority has built a robust framework that ensures the safety and solace of the visitors while they delve into aquatic entertainment.

A visit to this park is necessary if you have to make the Dubai trip memorable forever.

Are you a movie lover ? MOTION GATE welcome to the world of movies

If you are a movie lover, this is just the heaven, down on the earth.

An integral component of the Dubai parks and resorts, the site bids you a hearty welcome to the world of movies.

This is the destination for getting into an alternative world where you can get into adventures with your favorite characters from Hollywood.

Animated by top-notch professionals, you relish excitement from a world of virtual realism.

This site offers you unique and superlative entertainment that will be impossible to find elsewhere.

You will get arrays of cutting-edge rides and attraction that will enable you to spent a superlative time.

You will be getting equally relishing rides for the kids as well as adults.

Likewise, there are equally ravishing options that you can enjoy individually as well as in groups.

Hence, you can share some quality time with your companions and make an ever-memorable memory.

A visit to this site will enable you to recap the memories of some of your most favorite Hollywood films.

If vacation is a time to relish the maximum entertainment, this park has got all the necessary arrangement for offering the highest excitement and entertainment.

No wonder, this is one of the prime sites of attraction to the tourists, visiting Dubai.


Bollywood Parks themed on topics from Bollywood

This is a site where everything is themed on topics from Bollywood.

In contemporary times, Bollywood films enjoy global patronage and there are billions of fans for Bollywood movies, outside the Indian Sub-continent.Hence, if you are from the Indian Subcontinent or a diehard fan of Bollywood movies from the rest of the word, it is the perfect destination for exploring Bollywood.

This site adds an Indian essence to your UAE trip.Spending a few hours at this 25-million square feet destination, your love for Bollywood will get a significant impetus.

This park has manifold types of entertainment to offer.

Are you planning to relish some adventurous moments in the same style as the Bollywood Hero do?

Do you plan to spend a romantic time with your spouse in a typical Bollywood romance style?If so, you can spice up your Dubai trip, spending a few hours in this park.Even if you hold a plan to spend some quality time with your family, you will not have a better site than this park.The park has been incorporated with all the necessary arrangements to keep you engaged happily and spend make a memorable experience.

This is one of the prime factors to make the park popular, even if the Dubai parks opening date was on October, the ongoing year.

This park has got an adequate arrangement for keeping the kids engaged.The park operator takes care of the safety and convenience of the visitors.Hence, they have incorporated all the necessary amenities and facilities for offering comfort and convenience to the visitors.

Visit this park to make the Dubai trip exciting, enjoyable as well as memorable.

Riverland Dubai

It acts as the gateway to the Dubai parks and resorts.

This point of transition entertains you with theaters as well as cuisines.

Here, you will take a journey through the past and interface verities of ancient culture and civilizations that have been shaped in the contemporary landscape.

For instance, you will get to see the ancient French Village, dating back to the 16th Century.

Likewise, you can explore the US as in 1950’s as well as Europe as it was during the onset of the 19th century.

Hence, it is the perfect place to brush up and gather more knowledge on the modern history of mankind.

At this point of entrance to the theme parks, there are several restaurants, serving global cuisines.

There are several eateries that serve classic Arabic cuisines as well as dishes from other countries in the Middle East.

Likewise, there are several theaters that where you can catch up a show to relish the enjoyment and pleasure.

This theme park has turned to be a major site of attraction for the tourists, visiting Dubai.

Spending a few hours in this park, you can spice up your Dubai trip.

The demand for this park is rising at a massive pace with the passage of time.

Dubai Parks and resorts timings And opening date

Dubai Parks and resorts timings opening date

How to reach the place?

by google maps click here

The Dubai parks and resorts lie on the Sheikh Zayed Road and just opposite to Palm Jebel Ali at a very easily commutable distance from the nearest air terminal.

You will be getting dedicated airport transfer to reach this place.

Once you arrive at the international air terminal at Dubai, you need to move south towards Abu Dhabi.

If you are not getting stuck in the traffic, it takes around 45 minutes to reach the place.

Another way to reach this place starts from the international airport of Al Maktoum.

You get to the park from there in lesser than 30 minutes.

can even conduct online research to find the Dubai parks and resorts location.

can find the Dubai parks and resorts contact number online and can call the help desk for guidance in this regard.

The place has an adequate arrangement of public transportation for reaching there. You travel there in the metro rail.

You will have to get down at the Jebel Ali station, which is the nearest metro railway station to the park.

Once you come out of the metro station premises, you can catch a cab to reach the place.

If you wish to travel in private, you can avail the private cars from the air terminals.

You will have to move downtown to the south to reach to this place.

Usually, it takes around 40 to 45 minutes in reaching the doorsteps of the Dubai parks and resorts.

The place has got an adequate parking arrangement for visitor’s car. You have the options to choose between Valet parking, covered and general parking.

You will require paying AED 150, 100 and 50 for these slots respectively.

If you are reaching there after 6.30 PM, you can enjoy the parking facility, free of cost.

You will require paying parking fees once for visiting the theme parks and the aquatic park. You can check the entry fees to the parks from the website of the company.

buy ticket online

A gallant option for investments for global investors

Dubai has been a heaven for investors, offering various domains to invest the funds.

The latest addition in this regard is the Dubai parks and resorts.

This park is owned and operated by one of the top-notch company of UAE in this regard.

A professionally managed and driven company, the park is generating revenues in very high amount. Hence, if you are a national or even an international investor, looking for a potential investment domain in Dubai, you can definitely consider investing in the shares of this park.

You can check the Dubai parks and resorts share price from the website of the company.

Investing in the shares of this company, you can expect for delightful returns that will prove your decision right.

The company has got a reputation for taking care of the interest of the investors.

As per the company’s projection, the park is expecting a total visit of 6.7 million visitors in 2017

that might generate revenue of 2.4 Billion.

Thus, investing in the stocks of this company, you can certainly expect to reap the sweetest return on your investments.



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