6 BEST Things to do in Dubai

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Things to do in Dubai

Dubai has made a name for itself in terms of being a holiday center. All the adventure is right here. It is the gate way to United Arab Emirates. If you are a holiday maker and you love adventure then Dubai is the place for you.

There is an endless list of amazing Things to do in Dubai of exploits.

Enjoying a ride on the desert safari in 4×4 for just $80 is a cool experience.

This safari ride comes with a 3course barbecue dinner, camel rides, traditional henna paintings and the dune

sand boarding are also other things that makes this experience complete.

You will feel like Aladin walking over these Arabian deserts, it an amazing experience.

oceanairtravels_morning_desert_safari_0 1849726905600 desert-safari-dubai camel Things to do in Dubai visit safary

Enough of the hear say and wish I had attitude.

Feel the adventure, breath the adventure , engulf yourself in the crystal clear water and have an up close experience with a pod of dolphins that are super friendly.

Dolphin Bay is the place if you want

to give your kids an adventure  Things to do in Dubai of their lifetime.


It is one of the things you can do in Dubai with your kids. This is the worlds largest coastal dolphin habitat. You will feel like you are in paradise after 30 minutes in the deeper lagoon accompanied with a belly ride, this is a refreshing experience that will cure your decade of boredom and live an unforgettable inprint on the minds of your kids that will leave them grateful for the rest of their lives Things to do in Dubai.

If you wanna got jiggy with it then nightlife in Dubai night club will get you excited for nightlife Things to do in Dubai at night .


MusicHall is the place to go if you want nightlife in Dubai of bliss in Dubai. This unique place is more like a theater venue and a club in the mix , with some special additions, making it stand out from your everyday club.


Things to do in Dubai Having fun shouldn’t always be expensive, You know you need that break, be honest with yourself. You can still have some Dubai fun on a low budget.

There is an endless list of cheap things to do in Dubai. When you go to Rome you do what the Romans do.

One of the Best Things to do in Dubai Is Shopping !

Get acquainted with the Arab fashion by taking a piece of their sense of style home, best things to must buy in Dubai hand knotted rugs , wraps, scarves and shawls.and don’t forget to buy dates from Dubai You are definitely taking home a piece of Dubai with. this is  the popular gifts from Dubai


These are fashion pieces you will always remember and cherish. Beautiful as these pieces are they cost almost nothing.

Dubai International airport is one of the most beautiful airports in the world. It is ranked the worlds third busiest air port . With over 78 million passengers in 2015 alone, there definitely got to be something interesting to do here.


The Zen Gardens at Dubai airport is just breath taking. The whole environment is one of beauty and grace. Just having a walk in these gardens puts your senses at rest, its refreshing.


The kids are not left out here as there is a children’s area, with an environment equipped to keep them busy.

There are endless display of interactive games to keep the modern day IT child busy.

The Five-Star Layover is the reason I am giving you this personal advice. Even if you are flying to Heaven, transit through Dubai.

A five star hotel within an airport is an experience should encounter at least once in your life.

Just the feel of constant view of airplanes flying over your head whilst laying in a beautiful pool is an awesome.

Get refreshed by enjoying a great session in the steam room or sauna.

Your body will thank you for this. The lounge and the extraordinary snooze cube is gives that feeling of excitement , it almost feels like you are in space, as small as these cubes are, they are comfortable and comes with modern equipments like TV, Wi-Fi, carryon luggage room etc.

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Got to expeinece this, the cubes are even sound proof. Lock yourself away from the rest of the world and find yourself here.

Prices An hour of relaxation in a SnoozeCube costs:

AED 75 (USD 21) for a single cube
AED 100 (USD 28) for a shared cube

The city of Dubai is beautiful, the Dubai fountain is a site you should not miss once downtown.

This fountain was built by one of the best architectural team.It is big and positioned

strategically such that you can enjoy

this beautiful scenery even if you are in the next building.


You don’t need to be a mermaid to have that underwater view. The Dubai Aquarium and Under water view is one of the most beautiful sceneries in the world. This is the right place to be on a family vacation. This 270 degree walk-through tunnel is an epic replica of the rocky shore, the rainforest and the living ocean.

Riding the Dubai trolley is an adventure that comes with no price tag. Site seeing in downtown Dubai gets better whilst you sitting in this comfortable trolley. In it you can see the Dubai fountain and some of the tallest buildings in the city. The trolley moves at a speed of 10 kilometers per hour, making it possible for you to soak in the beautiful scenery.


Taking a vacation alone is not boring when you are in Dubai.

Vacations are fun, but they not always about the loud music the noise and the dancing.

The Emaar Pavilion provides that serene atmosphere to have that alone time reflect on yourself and your life.


After putting things in perspective, you can hit the game center and release some stress.

Sega Republic in your one stop game center if you want multi player games or solo ones.


Wind down with a weekend at the Reel Cinemas, the screens here are so large

it almost feels like you are part of the cast.Enjoy an endless array of movies in one of the worlds crystal clear screens

whilst you get served with an array of foods

and beverages of choice.Life can’t get any better whilst you enjoy

this, relaxing on your pillow and blanket.

Dubai is gradually making its way to the top of the list as the best holiday center in the world.

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